Together for a better life in Castelu

“Together for a better life in Castelu” is one of the two big projects implemented by Reality Check starting February 2021 until February 2023, which brought together and expanded all our previous interventions in the two communities: Castelu and Coroieni. We ran remedial education programs, sports activities, health education for mothers and women, personal development and leadership training for children and youth. We mobilized a Local Initiative Group, where people learnt how to access public services and to help each other, and we organised events designed to bring together the vulnerable people, most of them of Roma-Turkish ethnicity, with the other people in the community (Romanians, Turkish and Tatars). At the same time, we worked closely together with the social workers, medical community assistants and school mediators in order to help them collaborate more efficiently and to have more success in finding solutions for the complex problems of the most vulnerable families.