Together for Ukraine

Since the war in Ukraine started, we were there for our hard tried neighbors, thanks to our partners’ prompt support. We organized 10 shipments to Ukraine – of food and hygiene products, medicine, equipped ambulances etc.. In addition, we helped Ukrainean families who fled the war and took temporary or long-term shelter in Romania: we supported five tranzit centers in Bucharest, which hosted over 7000 people (out of which 2500 children), by providing food products, consumables, hygiene products, beds, home-appliances, reimbursing their expenses with medicine, and providing basic needs support for Ukrainean volunteers who left the country because of the war but decided to stay in Romania to help their co-nationals here. We also help a day center started by a few Ukrainean women, for refugee mothers and children living in private apartments in Bucharest. Together with our donors, we intend to continue this type of support as long as it will still be needed.

If you would like to support us further, you can do it in the following ways:

Thank you!