Strategic directions

Support communities that need help the most

We bring together those who need help (communities, schools, city halls, groups of people) with those who can provide it (companies, people, civic groups etc.). We support local teams to develop projects. We monitor these projects and report back to donors.

Field monitoring of what works and what not, and why

We verify in a structured way how laws are being applied on the ground and how public funds are spent. We learn about the problems that make certain laws, policies or programs not work as well as they should. We identify, analyze and promote good practices that can be scaled up.

Applied studies and advocacy

We do impact evaluations for strategic projects. We analyze gaps in laws or procedures and propose public policies to fix these. We signal improper applications of the law, public system abuse or systemic problems.

Support for public administration professionals

We organize research visits and experience exchanges in poor communities for professionals from different sectors and fields. We inform, train and mentor public employees, in order to help them apply legislation better. We support the development of intersectorial networks.

Simplify citizens’ access to public services

We intermediate the contact between citizens and public institutions. We test programs that reduce bureaucracy and increase the efficiency of public institutions. We develop platforms and tools that ease the crowd-monitoring and crowd-solving of administration problems.