This year, we participated for the first time in the Civil Society Gala competition and we are very glad to be among the winning NGOs. We competed in the “Defense of Individual / Collective Rights” section with our project Monitoring of Law 248/2015 (Every Child in Preschool), where we obtained the Third Prize.

Law 248/2015 could help between 80 and 100 thousand impoverished children, granting food coupons and improving preschool attendance. However, only half of the eligible children are actually benefiting from these legal provisions. In order to understand why public authorities do not take full advantage of the opportunities made available by Law 248/2015, in 2018 Reality Check undertook an assessment of the law’s implementation and proposed recommendations to improve its impact.

In 2019, we continue our work on this project in three directions: (1) advocacy, to promote legal changes that will increase the impact of the law; (2) a national information campaign among parents, teachers and social workers; and (3) the development of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the law. You can find more details about or project here.

You can find more details about our project here.