19 children from Ponorata, Coroieni and Bran will remember for a long time from now on the long weekend they spent in Bucharest. They went to the museum, they visited the Parliament Palace, they walked in Herastrau park, they went by bike, they went by boat on IOR lake and they took the subway. They stayed in a hotel and they went to the restaurant. They went to the movies to Cinema Pro and took photos with one of the main actors of Captain America series, @Sebastian Stan. Wow! Everything was new and fascinating for them. Everything! They didn’t want to leave home anymore. Even for the teachers who came with them was an unforgettable experience.

With this kind of trips we would like to show a new world to the children, a world they don’t know because their parents can hardly afford to buy food for their families. Back home, they will wanna go back again, and they will share their experience with the others. And they will know that if they go to school, one day they will be able to pay the restaurant bill themselves.

A big thank you to all the people who helped us offer the children such a dream weekend: Alice Badea, Grupul City Grill, Bogdan Georgescu, Cristian Ghinea, Kaufland Romania, Little Bucharest, Anda Maxim și Tudor Maxim, Nicoleta Popa, Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel Bucharest, Romstal Romania, Alexandra Tinjala & Our Big Day Out, Cristian Ghilt și câțiva oameni minunați de la Coface Romania: Adrian Maris, Eugen Anicescu, Robert Baciu, Laurentiu Badita, Laszlo Balint, Bazavan Iulia, Razvan Belaus, Miruna Belicovici, Daniel Birzoianu, Georgiana Cananau, Tiberiu Chesoi, Maria Costea, Alina Craciunescu, Anca Dimitriu, Oana Felciuc, Alexandru Fotia, Alexandru Ion, Laura Munteanu, Alina Musat, Monica Negriloaia, Bogdan Nichisoiu, Raluca Paraschiv, Anca Paunescu, Alina Popa, Mihaela Popescu, Mariana Popovici, Mihaela Rond, Corneliu Scarlat, Daniela Scutaru, Lavinia Smedescu, Angelica Spataru, Madalina Spoiala, Andrei Stefanescu.