The first part of our house repair project in Ponorâta ended well – a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Special thanks to Romstal, who gave us two transporters full of isolated tin (ideal for roofs), doors and windows, and to Radu Uglea, our fantastic volunteer, without whom we wouldn’t have managed!

From the 2800 euros that we raised, we bought wood, stove pipes, tin and tools, with which we fixed 16 roofs and improvised walls for two rooms, for two families who were living in tents, with many children. As it was too cold to build something from the start, we found a temporary solution for the mother with five children, whose house burned down this summer – they will go through the winter living at another family, whose house we repaired.

Because housing is such a critical issue in Ponorata, we are continuing to raise funds so that next spring we can repair 20 more houses. If you want to help us, you can donate easily by:

More photos and details about the project here.